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While I pride myself on designing couture, one-of-a-kind and limited edition RTW garments that are timeless and classic – intended to last the client for a lifetime – I still like to stay on top of what’s happening in the marketplace.  Even a garment that is custom designed with a particular client’s taste and needs in mind can benefit from a perspective that is well-versed in the day’s trends, making it more current in terms of cut, detailing, or even fabric technology.  The job of the designer is to take or leave what makes sense for that particular client and that particular garment.  Trends that have staying power are ones that truly serve a need, or ones that authentically resonate with the zeitgeist of the time.  These I like to filter from the fads, which come and go.

Alicia models the Brooks LTD Maize Jumpsuit

Alicia models the Brooks LTD Maize Jumpsuit

If one thing can be said for Spring 2020, it’s exuberance.  Perhaps it’s the general feeling of dis-ease in the world; the stress of political instability at home and abroad, climate change… you name it.  But fashion has decided to provide the antidote, and that antidote is FUN.  It’s as if the collective industry is saying, “Let us help you take your mind off of this negativity, and bring some JOY into your wardrobe!”

The Clementine Kimono Jacket in Kantha print cotton

The Clementine Kimono Jacket in Kantha print cotton

Loving the flow of the Clementine Kimono Jacket cut

Loving the drape of the Clementine Kimono Jacket cut! It’s a Brooks LTD classic, which can be made to order in any fabric of your choosing.

Among other things, the exuberance that were the Spring 2020 runways translated into wild, brilliant color palettes, and bold, over-the-top prints.  Happiness ebbed from all angles…. primary blues (the Pantone color of the year, in fact), sunny yellows, and a kaleidoscope of floral prints layered one on top of another.  Taking cues from this playful mood – which frankly I tend to gravitate towards anyhow – my Spring 2020 designs likewise utilized a fun-filled color palette.  Favorites include a banana-yellow jumper, a Kantha-print kimono jacket, and a blue-and-white tie dyed dress.  All coming soon to BrooksLTD.net, so stay tuned!

Maize Jumpsuit with Kantha Jacket on model Alicia

Brooks LTD Maize Jumpsuit with the Everly Short Jacket in Kantha cotton, on model Alicia

Back details of the Everly Short Jacket

Back details of the Brooks LTD Everly Short Jacket

Another variation on the Kantha fabric - a long vest, layered over jumpsuit

Another variation on the Kantha fabric – a long vest, layered over jumpsuit

Versatility is key! Reversible Kantha print vest can be worn multiple ways.

Versatility is key! Reversible Brooks LTD Kantha print vest can be worn multiple ways.

Custom Designs by Brooks LTD

Looking to add joy to your wardrobe?  At the Brooks LTD atelier, I design one-of-a-kind, custom couture, and limited edition ready-to-wear garments for special occasions, or just for every day.  Every piece is made to last the wearer a lifetime, balancing a sense of timelessness with current trends.  A thoughtful, well-crafted piece of clothing can be a great investment for your wardrobe, offering tons of “mileage” for years to come.  Let’s chat about how we can transform your wardrobe in simple, easy ways with just a few custom designs – visit the Contact page of my website to get started.