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Barbie shapes imaginations of all ages.  She had an affect on many by defining lifestyle choices, curiosity, and imagination.  From her glamorous gowns to trendy sunglasses, I realized that Barbie’s influence extended beyond just clothing. She embodied a certain casual and carefree attitude that I unconsciously adapted in my everyday life. While I may not wear Birkenstock’s, I do strive to maintain that same laid-back vibe that Barbie embodies. Her influence has not only impacted my personal style, but also my imagination. Through interacting with Barbie dolls and imagining different scenarios, I developed a rich and creative inner world. Overall, Barbie has had an impact on my life and will always hold a special place in my heart.

I never really thought much about the Barbie craze until I saw the movie. The New York TImes describes the movie Barbie and is well titled On the Road and Out of the Box.

My vintage Barbie

Below you will see my real vintage Barbie dressed in a taffeta gown with a fur wrap. Yes, I had to dig her out of storage after I saw the movie.  I added the sunglasses to give her a more casual vibe.  From gowns to sunglasses I began to relate to how she affected my life and how Barbie shapes imagination.



Dreams do come true as Barbie shapes imagination

One thing Barbie has tried to show girls is that dreams do come true. And making those dreams a reality requires persistence, drive and the will to experiment.

Some of my childhood dreams was to create pieces for the red carpet and for high profile stars.  My most recent ‘red carpet’ moment -I was honored to create a bodice for the Grammy’s Red Carpet one year ago, read about that HERE

In addition,  I also had the honor to create a custom jacket for Shania Twain, it was intended for her to wear as a lifestyle piece and I did see her on Instagram wearing it.  What a thrill!

Now Shania is being recognized as a Barbie role model @shaniatwain  said,  “All I’ve wanted to do my whole life is tell stories of empowerment, independence and self-expression through my songwriting. Getting to do that and inspire women and girls along the way is the dream. It means a lot to expand my responsibility as a role model into the Barbie world, thank you @barbie and Mattel for creating this reflection of me.”

I feel the same about the pieces I create. The garments I’ve made for my clients are all pieces from my heart. My hope is that they will always give my clients a feeling of empowerment, self-expression and independence every time they wear them.

So thank you, Barbie, for inspiring us all to reimagine the many ways our lives can be well lived.