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I fell in love with a chenille, sequins, lace & mesh fabric months ago.  It drove my recent collection called Town & Country.  I had my choice of many color ways and I chose navy as it seemed to be resort like.  Mix it up with a navy ponte and you are off to a resort for the holidays, 2017.  Think Hawaii, the Caribbean, or even Mexico.  Not to mention Aspen, Vail or Jackson Hole.

Photos of the Sequins, Lace, Mesh & Ponte Fabrics

black sequins clothing design

Here is the sequined fabric with a light underlay that I tested to see if I was happy with the contrast.

black sequin fabric custom fashion design denver

black sequin fabric custom fashion design denver

I began draping the fabrics to see how they would look as a collection.  You will see how this morphed into something else as time goes on.  This was just the beginning.  The draping process is just the start of any collection.  To see a gown from start to finish visit my dressmaking page.

Choosing the design to compliment the sequins.

The sequins spoke to me in many different forms.  I treated it like a knit so it would mold close to the body.  I draped most of the shapes, as this fabric had a mind of its own.  Once I got the technique down I was off and running.  I felt like I could shape this fabric into anything I wanted.  For the Town & Country Collection I visualized women wearing the sequins with jeans and boots as well as out to a gala.  All one needs to do is change up the pieces.

Imagine this tunic without the lace leggings, a perfect party dress.  Wear the tunic with jeans and boots, out in the country, or if you live near me, up in the mountains.  So versatile.

navy sequin dress designer in denver

Ponte fabric adds a new dimension to the collection.

navy blue dress custom fashion designer denver

Ponte fabric is another new fabric for Brooks Ltd.  It is easy to wear, comfortable and has no season.

Here is my version of a LBD(little black dress).  Mine is navy blue!

Take this LND (little navy dress) and mix it up with navy leggings and you have a whole new look.

In the city, in the mountains.

dress designer in denver co

This collection has just begun.  I will write more about the actual runway show in my next blog. See more samples like this on my About Town Lifestyle Clothing page!