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My client had a vision of a gown she wants designed.  Fabric seems to be the main concern of the gown.  Margie has tried on dresses off the rack  to determine the shape she wants to consider.  Doing this ‘research’ before she comes to me helps to articulate the shapes.  By the time she has contacted me she has decided that a solid color bodice with a complimentary ‘print’ skirt would be her choice for her daughter’s wedding in Mid June.  The venue is outside, but with some protection from the elements in case the weather decides not to cooperate.  Our first meeting we look through fabric choices and come up with several possibilities.  Part of the first consultation is choosing the perfect fabric.  From all of my resources we come up with several options.  I always tell my clients that prints are very personal, I do not stock many prints because of this.  I contact several of my fabric sources and we decide to meet when the swatches arrive.  Fast forward, here are the three different choices, you will notice that ‘regal blue’ is the main theme.  It’s a pleasing color for Margie’s complexion, and goes with her daughters vision.

After we choose the fabric, Margie trys on several pieces from my collection.  She falls in love with a blouse design that we can incorporate into the ‘jacket’ over the dress as something that will keep her warm if it’s cold, and also covered up for walking down the aisle.  You’ll see here that the muslin dress and the blouse over the dress becomes the shape that we will attain.

I cut a personal muslin for her body type.  See below:

Note the fit through the torso, this is the first fitting and I am pleased with the result.  We decide to make the waistline to bit longer.  Also see that the skirt has two options, one side is gathered, one side is pleated.  The amount of fabric is the same in the width of the fabric, we need to decide on pleats or gathers.  Sometimes seeing the option helps to determine the answer.  We both agree on the pleats.

Margie communicates on how she wants the fit to be by trying on her sweater over the dress.  Although the sweater is a knit, she likes where it hits her on her hip.  That is the visual that I will create.  The drop waist photographed below is subtle, elongating her waistline.

Below, relaxed with  hands in her pockets, looking so chic and comfortable in her ‘gown’.  I could tell that the fit was right.  Pockets are a trend women are asking for.  Comfort is a main concern for me, it’s a long night and I want my clients to feel at ease and elegant.  The jacket design is from my collection, it’s  constructed in the fabric of choice.  This is how women can choose what looks best for them and the occasion.

The final fabric choice, both are silk, skirt is hand painted crepe de chine, with pops of color.  The lining is also 100% silk, something I like to construct in all of my gowns.  Inside out is just as important as outside in.  Fit is of main concern.  See more here https://www.brooksltd.net/mother-of-the-groom-final-fitting/ The halter bodice is perfect for the possiblity of a warmer evening.  One never knows how the weather will behave in Colorado in June.

It’s always was so much fun working with and getting to know each of my clients.  Good luck to the newly weds.