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One of the things I love most about fashion is how one fun and beautiful fabric can be used in a variety of women’s wardrobes.

Over the last 40 years, I have experimented with several different clothing categories to brand my company with, from bridal gowns and mother of the bride dresses to lifestyle designs and custom party ensembles. Choosing a specific niche in fashion is one way to define and attract clients. But with the modern way of communicating through social media today, I now believe that categorizing your brand is not as beneficial as it was when I first began.

I love being diverse in my designs and seeing women of all ages and shapes wear my aesthetic. It’s so gratifying that I can dress women across the board, not just one body type or style.

This newspaper print in the images below is one of those fabrics. I found it in New York and fell in love instantly. It’s the perfect choice for my timeless tunic designs. Women of all ages are fond of the newspaper print fabric, and the style is so easy to wear in a variety of ways. The fabric also travels well and feels luxurious, even for more casual outings and lifestyles!

Below, you can see several women all wearing the same classic tunic design in their own unique way — it’s not about age, it’s about style!

Meet Vanessa a blogger living in New York City.

Artfulcitystyle influencer , Photo by Denton Taylor

newspaper print tunic top custom womens clothing designer

Meet Mallory (on the left) Stylecrone(on the right), fashion influencers living in Denver, Colorado having coffee at The Maven Hotel.

 Photo by JJ Constantine

newspaper print tunic top custom womens clothing designer

Meet Hannah, at the time she was a graduating High School Senior.

newspaper print tunic top custom womens clothing designer

Vanessa wearing the tunic during New York Fashion Week, 2019.

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If you’ve found a beautiful fabric or textile but aren’t sure what to use it for, talk to Brooks LTD. We may be able to collaborate together to transform your unique material into something you can wear and love for years to come. Contact me online or call 303-573-3801.