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So much fashion news in Denver, Colorado.  With the Met Gala behind us, the MTA awards, a new Denver Meow Wolf opening, and now a new season approaching at our Denver Art Museum there is alot of fashion news in Denver Colorado.

The DAM(Denver Art Museum)  just received a $25 Million Dollar annomyous donation for the textile and design department.   As The Denver Post headline says, “This gift could turn the Denver Art Museum into a fashion powerhouse.”  Read the article in The Denver Post  about the annomyous donation here.

  As a longtime member of the Denver Art Museum, and a respected fashion designer for over 45 years here in Denver I couldn’t be more excited.

Fashion in Denver Colorado

The curator Florence Müller has accomplished so much for our city and I trust with this large donation The Denver Art Museum will have an effect on the global fashion community.

Florence Müller’s first large exhibit at the DAM in 2012 of Yves Saint Laurent  was one of many more exhibits to follow.  She fell in love with our city and accepted a job to forge ahead as DAM’s in-house fashion expert.  Not only a fashion expert, but an avid lover of the out doors and a hiker, she has embraced Colorado lifestyle, as well as fashion and art.  Consequently I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the fashion and textile department of The DAM.

I think this article from March 2020 (just as the pandemic had started) in Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine sums up her story, read it here.

Photo:  EstherLeeLeach for Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine.  Florence Mueller interview March 2020

Our city is lucky to have her part of the whole of the community.

 I was honored to also have an interview in that same magazine edition in March 2020.  Read it here.

Photo: EstherLeeLeach Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine

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Moreover, if touring in our city, be sure to make The Denver Art Museum one of your stops.

In conclusion, a must see will be the newest addition to the DAM  which opens in October 2021.