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Covid Restrictions

Wondering about Covid Restrictions especially in the state in which you live?  As we approach another season during Covid 2021 and if you are anything like me you are ready to interact with your community. Parties and events that were canceled last year are being challenged again this year.  The rules and regulations keep changing as does the information about Covid and how to deal in the pandemic.  Check with your local Governor’s office for specific State rules.

We have complied a list of tips that will help guide you for information. Please note that these statements are directly from either CEA (CO Events Alliance) or the Colorado Governor’s office.

Wear two masks

Wearing 2 masks instead of one is important.  Social distancing is still enforced.  Maintaining important events during this crisis is of great concern.   Reaching out to Walli Richardson a party planner extraordinaire I asked her questions from her insider view as to how to plan events in times of Covid.

Walli Richardson and I wearing ‘vintage Brooks’, (Photo is circa 2019 at The Narrative in Denver, Cherry Creek North).  

Timeless pieces for your creative lifestyle.

Insider information

  • How do we prepare for get togethers in times of Covid?  Keeping the gatherings small is key. Checking on the CURRENT rules issued by the Governor’s office and CEA is of upmost importance. Number of guests is determined by the number of square footage in both indoor and outdoor planning.  If a tent has walls, it is considered an indoor venue.
  • If we social distance and wear masks are outdoor venues safe? Yes, as long as you abide by the rules of how many guests per square foot; how you are serving food and beverage and how you are setting up the contact information.
  • What is the limit of guests for venues? Are venues booking events?  There is a specific plan that has been developed for both outdoor and indoor venues.  Check with your Governors’ office or specfically for Colorado.
  • In order to congretate at my private atelier do you have any advice on how to do this? (Private trunk show perhaps?) Set up in time blocks with no more that 2 guests per visit time.  Allow a half hour between visits so that you are able to properly sanitize the clothing, your dressing room, restroom and the entire space.
  • Are weddings happening in today’s market?  How about fashion shows? Small weddings, mostly in private homes/yards until later in year.  The numbers per venue are already opening up and will continue to allow more attendees ~ especially in the summer months. 
  • How are you planning your events if in fact the limitations change as the date gets closer? Using ZOOM to accommodate the larger groups.  It all depends on the timing; as to whether the guest list can be made larger or smaller for the onsite event.
  •  As we  move forward, are people sharing platforms?   Most events will now be hybrid.   People on site and people on Zoom or electronic platform.
  • Food and beverage being delivered by designated caterer(s) or shipped ahead of time. Social events as well as corporate are embracing this concept, as they can keep in touch in real time and share the energy.

As of Febuary 26, Colorado is in the BLUE LEVEL.

  • LEVEL BLUE – CAUTION:  50% of posted occupancy limit not to exceed 175 people per room for unseated events.  Seated events may have up to 225 people per room as long as they do not exceed 50% of the posted occupancy limit.  The calculation of the available space many be based on 6-foot distancing between parties of 10 or fewer.
  • DANCING:  Dancing strictly limited at all events to no more than 6 persons dancing together from the same party.  Dancing parites must remain 6 feet from other persons and must folow current mask mandates.  At weddings ~ the following dances are permitted: couples first dance and parent dances.
  • SEATING:  Parties of 10 people or fewer may be seated together.  There needs to be a 6 ft. distance between tables.
  • PERFORMERS:  Performers are masked or behind barrier at 12 feet from attendees.  Unmasked with no barrier at 25 feet from attendees.
  •  Table seating guidance will match restaurant guidance allowing for parties of 10 at a 6 foot round table.
 If we continue on our present projection, the Governor’s office is estimating a 10% increase each month in attendees ~ with a 75 – 85% capacity in July.  This needs to be monitored and this is specifically for Colorado.  

Thank you Walli Richardson for your insider views about Covid restrictions

It’s really not too early to start planning for 2022, I realize this is far away, however, because of cancelations venues will be booking this far out to help with the past  two years of cancelations.  Walli can be found here.

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