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What are you learning during this pandemic?

What are you learning during this pandemic? From my business perspective and as a fashion designer I always thought I wanted to learn and be part that larger industry when I was just starting out.  That was over 45 years ago.  Now I am learning more than ever.

Do you want to learn to be in the fashion world as a professional?

This is the time for learning from the best during the pandemic.  Those of you interested in the industry should listen and learn from all the information floating around the internet  during this time.  Check out both my instagram and instagram stories (which change every 24 hours).  Below is some of my current work, one of a kind mask included:


Learn in the virtual world

In our virtual world we have the opportunity to visit and interact with the best of the best in the fashion industry. Actually in any industry right now, everyone is willing to open up with honesty and authenticity.  This is what is bringing me joy during isolation.  I am learning so much.  Those of you who are interested in any industry should be listening and learning from all the information out there while you are staying home and staying safe.  I feel like I am part of the whole without the stress and management that it takes to sustain a large scale operation.

I’ve been in the audience while Rebecca Moses (illustrator extraordinarie) interviews her stayhomegirls(I am one of 310). Interviewees include Amy Fine Collins, art historian, award winning journalist, muse of the late Geoffrey Beene, Nicolefischelis, design & art creative advocate and many more. Today while going through the drive through at the bank I had the pleasure of being in the company of Monique Lhuillier, fashion designer extraordinarie chatting with Kendra Scott.  They were discussing dressing up wearing Kendra’s jewels and Monique’s beautifully executed gowns.  Yes, these people are real and have emotions and concerns that we all have.  It’s so enlightening to listen to them.  It’s like a free class.  Do it!

Where will fashion go from here?

Small, slow fashion is going to overtake the industry and I’ve been doing that the entire time.  Not large scale, but baby steps and that has given me joy.  If you are in need of a joyful ensemble, reach out here and let me help you be your best self in how you communicate through how you dress.  Your closet with thank you for adding some timeless designs that will last your lifetime.